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Alabama Friday

July 24, 2010

“If the South would’ve won we would’ve had it made,” Hank Williams Jr. wrote. His face grins down from a battle flag hanging outside this ‘little bit of everything’ store not far from Scottsboro, Alabama, where the young pickup truck driver had just picked up his case of cold beer for the weekend.  It is a different pace of life in the rural South, that’s for certain.  Whether the country would have been better off with a separate Confederacy, I have serious doubts.  With all due respect to my great-grandmother Dessa (who never though too highly of Northerners) I think we’re just fine the way that ‘unpleasantness’ turned out. It was not a simple, single issue war.  But those of us who live in the South should respect and  revere our ancestors who died for the causes they believed in, and let history be the teacher.    ©Robin Nelson

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