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Thinking on Top of the Box

August 6, 2010

Lorraine Ankarstran takes her job search to new heights ©2010 Robin Nelson/Zuma

ATLANTA — There’s a novel way to get a job — giant electronic billboards. That just what Atlanta paralegal Lorraine Ankarstran is doing.

For 10 seconds out of every minute, she’s telling hundreds of thousands of motorists, “Hire Me.” She’s been out of work for three months, and figured she needed something more dramatic to find a new job.

“I’ve had some conversations with employers. I’ve had some responses in the past but it was time to try something different and go beyond the box. So I decided I’d try billboards,” she said.

“I’ve had some results but no job offers yet. But the billboards have only been up for a week,” she said.

Ankarstran made a deal with Lamar Outdoor Advertising and will have the billboards up for a month. One of the billboards is on Interstate 85, another on Interstate 75 and two are on Peachtree in the city’s Buckhead district. Lamar says renting space on the four billboards for a month could run as much as $8,000, but nobody is saying just what Ankarstran paid. ©Robin Nelson/Zuma

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